Website design in lakeland florida

Website Design and Development

WordPress®, Joolma, Magento, Zen Cart, basic HTML and more.

Website design with Youngblood offers a flexible service with experience in WordPress®, Joolma, Magento, and many other CMS platforms. For more economic budgets, we can offer responsive HTML websites customized to your goals. No matter what the scope of your needs are, Youngblood can help. Beautifully simple or endlessly complex, a custom solution can be affordable and effective.

WebSite Platforms

Designing for CMS, E-commerce, HTML, and more!

PHP Platforms: WordPress, Drupal, eZ Platform, Joolma!, Magento, PHP-Nuke, phpWiki,

Python: Mezzanine

Ruby on Rails: Radiant, Refinery CMS, Browser CMS

ColdFusion: FarCry CMS, Mura CMS, ContentBox

Other Proprietary platforms like: e107

HTML Traditional 1.1


Responsive Web Design with Twitter Bootstrap

Website Design Services are not limited to the aforementioned list.

Website Design Standards

When shopping for a website, Youngblood wants to know what your business goals are. Websites can be built to serve a variety of functions for full service e-commerce stores, archives, lead generators, or data gatherers. We customize every quote for your needs.

Keep in mind that even a beautifully built website requires search engine optimization and some level of marketing to get ranked well with the major search engines. The internet is all about, "What have you done for me lately?". If you stop updating your website content or leave some of it's meta data from the page, your site may not get the visibility it deserves.

Google's Mobile-First Index

In 2017, Google announced that mobile website views were being taken into account of the ranking process for search engine ratings placement. To simplify, it mean that website's that didn't display their content for mobile as well as they were for desktop sites would be penalized accordingly. The resulting updates have begun to effect search engine rankings today. We recommend to all clients to consider a responsive HTML website made with bootstrap CSS. This does add cost, but the value is extensive and far reaching.